Monday, October 25, 2010

Residential Inspiration

What really inspires me about residential design is the abililty to make it unique. I really enjoy seeing how designers have taken a persons home and turned it into something you don't see every day in every neighborhood.

I LOVE the contrast between the white curvey staircase and the square darker furniture. It really helps it stand out.

These stairs are not something you will find in every household. I think the designer really made this very contemporary and unique.

I like how this is an open floor plan with a double sided fireplace. I love all the windows and how the designer brought the outside in using natural elements and leaving it open.

The outside of the residence deserves just as much creativity as the inside. This home makes you wonder how it hasn't fallen over yet. Definitely an eye catcher!

This home is extremely contemporary with the use of abstract pieces that come out of no where. I really love this desgin.
I love the windows and pool combo. Makes you kind of thing you are on vacation all the time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bloggy Inspiration

   I really enjoyed the following blog. I like the pictures that she added to her blog and how they are unique and contemporary. I also like all the beach scences and out-dooriness of her main blog.

The folling blog is from a part of interior design that I am not really familiar with and that doesnt really appeal to me, but reading her blog and looking at her pictures, I feel like I can get a greater understanding of the different interior design styles out there. Seeing how some things are used that I concider "crazy" may help me to be more versitle in the field.

Since I love remodeling the bathrooms in my own home, I found this particular blog pretty interesting.

This is another blog that really inspirers me. I love the modern design ideas here. Its not something you will find in any home which really sparks an interest for me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Designer spotlight

I have selected Michael Graves to highlight for the purpose of this blog. He is an architect and designer that has traveled all over the world. He graduated from Harvard with a masters. He went to Rome and studied art and architecture. He is currently the Schirmer Professor of Architecture at Princeton. He was been awarded numberous awards throughout his career. He has published many books and writings and even drawings and sketches. He was known as one of the New York Five in 1970. He has become a house hold name from his domestic line sold at Target stores. Some of his most famous works are Alexander House at Princton, Crooks House in Fort Wayne IN, Hannselman house, and Portland house. I really like the uniqueness of his works.