Monday, January 24, 2011

Fire Places

Fire places are used for many different things. Back in the old days they were used for cooking and the main source of heating a home, but now they are used more for adding a touch of romance to a space. They even have fireplaces now that you can adjust if you don't want it to produce heat, you just want the mood it creates. While doing some fireplace searching for the Great Wolf Lodge project, I ran into some pretty interesting fireplaces.
 This fireplace to the left is ecologocially friendly and is powered by renewable energy. Going green is becoming more and more important and popular so that really adds to the fireplaces appeal. In addition, it is also portable so you can now have a fireplace without a complete home remodel.
 Unique fireplaces seems to add interest in any entertaining space and even the private spaces of a master bedroom. There are woodless fireplaces that can be mounted on the wall that use the gas like the one to the bottom left. With that fireplace you dont even have to get the fake wood to use just the gas. Fireplaces are a great way to add a romantic element to your home, even in your outdoor space.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unique Sinks

Awhile back I was looking into re-doing my home master bathroom. I wanted to make it truely unique overall and while I was surfing for some ideas, I came across some really awesome sinks. They really inspired me, but some of them wouldnt really go with my home. Now that I am in design school, and I aspire to do hospitality in Bars and Restaurants.
 I think that this sink would be awesome in a contemporary home maybe kitchen area or bar. This could even look pretty awesome at a habachi grill or bar. I really like the stainless steel with the wiggly sink.
 I think that this particular sink would be pretty cool in a bathroom at the zoo or maybe even a seafood restaurant. This sink could even look pretty cool in a home decorated with like theme by the ocean.
 I think that these sinks are pretty unique but I am not really sure where they would be appropriate.
 This sink inspires me because of how it looks like it is floating. It creates some interest.
 I think that this sink is also strikes a great deal of interest. The way that it curves all the way to the drain almost makes you want to wash your hands.
This sink is called the Unique Vessel Sink. This sink was meant to be in the kitchen. Although I think it would serve a better purpose in a commercial or even residential bathroom or even home bar area
I think by using a unique sink in any design really adds some interest to even areas you would not expect as much creativity.