Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Magazines that Inspire

After my trip to the school library, and looking at a few different interior design mags, I came to the conclusion that my favorite is "Hospitality Design". I picked this one probably because that is the part of the field that I am interested into going into. I liked that mag because it has unique design ideas for hotel rooms and bar areas, fun furniture, and lighting tricks I would have never thought to use. I also liked a few of the other mags I saw in the library, including Society Interiors, Interior Design (enter at your own risk), and Interior Design ( I signed up for a free subscription for the HD mag but it was talking about business info so Im not totally sure I will receive it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Furniture that Inspires

I went to Z Gallerie (and the place next to it, the name escapes me) a few weeks ago and they are contemporary furniture stores. All the furniture that they have there is very inspiring if that is your thing. Its amazing what people have designed. It definately sparked an interest to redecorate my own home (if it werent so dang expensive). Just the uniqueness of their pieces makes you think its more for decoration then to serve a function. Also some of the furniture they have on the Milan Furniture Fair is amazing!
Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Inspirational Design

I know I have blogged about this space before, but the building that really inspires me is Plush Nightclub in Dallas. There's not many pictures on the web of this space, but it has a trendy enterence with a pink hallographic butterfly wall. They have amazing lighting. This space is multi=level and has a different theme throughout. upstairs they have a catwalk with dance poles at every bottle service booth with interesting wall covering behind.
I would really love to spend some time in the this space when its not so crowded to really get a feel for everything. All in all, this space inspires me more than any other one so far.