Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beautiful Tables

    Last night I had dinner with my friend that happens to be a custom home builder. He told me that his friend that owns Plush Night Club in Dallas is thinking of opening a new club and wants him to design it. Of course this sparked my interest because (A) I LOVE Plush and (B) that is my the field of interior design that I want to go into.
   We started discussing focal points and he brought up that the place where people in restaurants is at the table (bars is at the bar usually), but no place really has memorable tables. So I decided that would be my blog this week.. awesome tables..

Bars and night club seem to spend a great deal of money on their entry and the bar area and even seating area but with the added element of an eye catching table it would bring a lot of excitment to the overall experience.
This will keep the space in the customers minds and they will be more willing to pick that establishment for future partying. People like to be in pretty spaces.

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