Sunday, March 20, 2011

Montgomery Plaza Condos

Today I went to my friends place at Montgomery Plaza. This was my first time to visit the condos in this building. Once I was inside I fell in love. They are absolutely beautiful!! I have been in this building when I was way younger with my mother back when it was the store Montgomery Wards and I did not expect the condos to be so awesome. It really inspired me and made me confident that you can take something old and boring and make it truly beautiful (and apparently very profitable). These condos have a super contemporary look which happens to be my favorite.  We spent the majority of the time at their pool of course, which is located on the roof of the third floor and also surprisingly awesome. Inside of the pool entry there is a media center that can be used by all. The condo is not big in size, but they seem to make the most of the space. They have a lot of features that make the space desirable to be a part of. The darker wood with the silver pulls and dropped lighting are eye catching. My favorite part of their condo was the window all the way up at the ceiling of the bathtub in the bathroom that looks out into the hallway. You can't see anything since it is so high but that feature which seems so simple was also inspiring. I really liked how their bathroom was set up in general.  These condos really inspired me because I got to see the before and after of this space. Pretty cool.

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