Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vacation homes

      Owning your own beach house is a luxury that most people will never get to experience. However, renting one for a week or even a summer is something that can totally be done. 

     The designing of a beach home is proving to be pretty fun in the project that we are doing now. The options are endless and I am having a blast trying to incorperate all the things that I have learned and mix them with my personal vacation experience (thank you mommy) into an amazing vacation spot. While my mom never rented an entire house (after all, its usually just the two of us or we bring friends along), the condos/time shares that we have been to and then the tours of the newer more beautiful buildings have provided me with a lot of inspiration.. 

My favorite part of designing the beach house is all the windows!  Everything is more beautiful when you are able to pull in the sunny weather, the sound of the waves hitting the sand, the smells, all the sounds of people having fun. 

    The view is the most relaxing part and you def want to be able to experience it whether it be inside looking out, or right out on the sand itself. 
Beach houses that are meant for vacation homes seem to have a lot of big open space for the people to be able to interact with each other. I haven't found a lot of offices or large laundry rooms in these homes. The kitchens are usually small with just the bare essentials. Not a lot of work is suppose to be done while on vacation.

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